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How to convert shoppers with immersive visual content on PDPs

Feb 9, 2023 | Ecommerce

Most eCommerce sites suffer from 2 big problems: an overwhelming number of products leading to choice paralysis, and boring, static product pages that don’t encourage customers to stick around.

Online shoppers want to be engaged at every step along their buying journeys, and they need to feel confident about their purchases before they buy. This is where high-quality video content helps brands begin increasing conversions, turning window shoppers into paying customers.

In this post, we’re going to cover the following topics:

  • Why does social proofing visual content matter on PDPs?
  • 5 major benefits of using video in eCommerce and PDPs
  • The 3 biggest challenges brands face in implementing video on PDPs
  • How Knexus increases conversions with hyper personalized visual content
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Why does social proofing visual content matter on PDPs?

Did you know that customers who interact with YouTube videos on Product Description Pages (PDPs) are 84% more likely to convert than those who interact with Instagram content on PDPs?

Knexus analyzed data from approximately 7 million yearly site visitors on leading brand PDPs to better understand how integrating brand-owned, influencer, and user generated content (UGC) into customer buying journeys affects engagement and conversions.

PDPs are a pivotal stage in the customer journey, being both information-rich and closer to the checkout experience than many other stages. Customers on PDPs are still deciding whether to buy, and Knexus research shows that brands perform better when enriching their PDPs with authentic visual social proofing content, such as YouTube and TikTok unboxing videos, hauls, and how-to guides.

5 major benefits of using video in eCommerce and PDPs

Perhaps it goes without saying these days, but video is king when it comes to modern content marketing and increasing conversions. Here are the 5 biggest benefits of using video content on your eCommerce website and PDPs:

  1. Improves SEO
    Videos give a big boost to websites’ search engine rankings and increase visibility. This is because Google and other search engines favor websites that have a lot of high-quality, engaging, and shareable content. As we all know, the first page of search results is the only one that matters, so it’s extremely important that brands aim to stay as high in these rankings as possible.
  2. Instils trust and authenticity by educating customers
    Video can be a powerful tool for building trust and authenticity with customers, leading to greater conversions overall. By showing customers your products in action, or by providing detailed product demonstrations in engaging how-tos, you can educate customers on how your product will fit into (and improve!) their lifestyle.
  3. Allows brands to target every stage of the buying journey
    Video offers a lot of versatility to brands along the buying journey. For example, brands can use different videos to generate awareness, build interest, and then drive action among potential customers. Buyers who remain engaged with your content from start to finish are far more likely to make it to the checkout page, successfully converted into paying customers.
  4. Provides external encouragement to purchase with organic social proof
    Organic social proof is derived from user generated content (UGC), and nothing is stickier than video on social media. Video is easily shareable, and brands can leverage these shares to drive traffic and provide external encouragement to potential customers. ​​This is particularly helpful when trying to drive sales by eliciting FOMO.
  5. Saves time, resources, and money on video production
    Brands can save time, resources, and money on producing expensive commercials by using pre-existing UGC on their product description pages to increase conversions. Popular UGC has the added benefit of being more trustworthy to potential customers. That’s win-win!

The 3 biggest challenges brands face in implementing video on PDPs

There are 3 common challenges brands must overcome when integrating high-quality visual content on their PDPs:

  1. Not making content multichannel ready
    One problem brands face when trying to implement video on PDPs is not having content that’s ready for integration along multiple channels. This severely limits their videos’ effectiveness and impact. If you’ve successfully wooed a potential customer into visiting your website with content that reflects their love for hiking, your PDPs should keep showing them great hiking content. This helps solidify their personal interest in your product. When content doesn’t move seamlessly with customers along their buying journeys, key decision points are wasted and shoppers are more likely to abandon their plans to purchase.
  2. Manually sourcing content and impeding scalability
    Fact: it’s extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive, if not downright impossible, to manually source high-quality video content at scale. This leads brands to create static, impersonal landing pages that fail to generate customer enthusiasm. Brands need to have a process in place, such as Knexus platform’s intelligent automation, to identify, curate, and manage up-to-date UGC, influencer, and brand-owned content in a way that scales with their business and delivers personalized pages for maximum engagement.
  3. Lack of engagement metrics
    Engagement metrics are absolutely necessary in this fast-paced content-generation age. Brands won’t know if their efforts are resonating with customers or how they’re affecting purchasing decisions without measuring the impact of each video. This includes tracking engagement, conversion rates, and customer feedback on PDPs.

How Knexus increases conversions with hyper personalized visual content

Knexus automates the collection and integration of high-quality UGC, brand-owned content, and influencer content into your brand’s PDPs. Knexus makes all of these collected assets shoppable, matching each post to the appropriate products and updating PDPs with the most effective video content. This streamlined approach maximizes conversions by delivering hyper personalized pages to every single shopper.

Knexus makes social proofing visual content multichannel ready by automatically indexing and assigning relevant tags to each video. This means that every single customer receives a precise, matching set of social proofing visual content at each stage along their buying journey.

This automated process isn’t just extremely scalable, it’s also information-rich. The Knexus platform can deliver high-value insights into the impact of each piece of content, so brands can strategize according to hard data and encourage sales growth.

Knexus offers a highly dynamic and personalized experience to customers, breaking the mold from boring eCommerce sites that offer the same pages to each visitor. To learn more about how Knexus can improve the performance of your PDPs to drive conversions with high-quality UGC, influencer, and brand-owned video integration, contact us and book a demo.