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Personalized Shoppable UGC

Knexus AI plugs into ecom sites and apps, automatically integrating personalized social content (UGC, influencer or brand owned) with matching products.

Automate social content personalization to drive conversion & ecom revenue growth.

Introducing Knexus AI

AI powered with ML optimization

Rapid content collection & curation


Smart moderation


Easy UGC rights requests


Automated product matching


Personalization engine


API Integrations


In-depth analytics


Control & A/B testing

Tap into the power of Knexus AI

Unrivalled automation

Knexus AI’s fully automated approach improves efficiency and reduces resources required to manage tasks by 81% compared to competitors.

Hyper personalization

Data driven, one-to-one personalization of shoppable UGC & other social content. Machine learning on both visitors and content.

Optimizing conversion 

Advanced machine learning models and proprietary algorithms target and accelerate conversion rate uplift.

Seamless integration

Ecom agnostic, API driven, composable architecture allows you to plug Knexus into your stack quickly and easily.

If your brand has…


400,000+ monthly sessions (eCommerce Site)


300+ social posts


50,000 social media followers


Active UGC creation strategies


Investing in influencer marketing

Knexus AI can deliver…


increase in Add to Cart Rate


increase in Checkout Rate


increase in AOV

Lenovo has achieved an impressive increase in engagement & conversion rate through the use of UGC content on PDPs using Knexus AI.


increase in

We’ve been using Knexus AI for over two years and have been pleased to see its positive impact on the shopper experience and our conversion. Personalization and machine learning keep getting smarter to drive better results and it’s heavily automated, which saves a lot of resource requirements. In addition, the Knexus team is easy to work with and go above and beyond to support Lenovo in its business goals, including experimentation to drive segment performance.

Director & GM
EMEA eCommerce

Hear what brands are saying

“One of the reasons we like working with Knexus is how seamless it is from setup and integration to launch and management. There is no manual resource required to manage once live, everything is automated which saves our team time so they can focus on output.”

Associate Brand Manager

“Within a few months of putting Knexus live, we’d seen a 162% year on year sales exits from our website.”

Associate Brand Manager

“All credit to you and your team. Amazing work & Grace under Pressure – love it!”

Global Manager CX

“Embedding content from customers & influencers into buying journeys has helped us enhance our sense of community across our eCommerce site. Knexus makes our owned & earned content personalized & shoppable, allowing us to create a much more compelling and personal approach for each visitor, in turn generating over 100% improvement in add to cart rate & over 90% increase in check out rate.”

Senior Online Sales Manager, GAT, FR & UKI

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See Knexus AI in action

Ready to harness your personalized shoppable UGC to increase ecom revenue? Watch the demo video and see how Knexus AI can help.