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Knexus extends UGC rights management for TikTok videos

Nov 24, 2022 | Product Updates

TikTok has exploded in popularity over the last several years, with1 billion monthly active users who watched 167 million videos per internet minute. It may have started as an app for lip-sync and dance challenges videos, but it has grown so much since then. It has become a resource hub for everything from product reviews, recipes, fashion & makeup inspirations and more. It has also become Gen Z’s preferred search engine…in fact Google’s own internal data has revealed that nearly 40% of Gen Z prefers using TikTok and Instagram for search over Google itself!

TikTok is appealing to brands because of its unique approach, giving a stage for everyday users to create engaging videos in minutes. This makes it the ultimate hub for user generated content (UGC) with high engagement rates. In a study by Knexus, 56% of respondents are more engaged with UGC due to the organic nature of the content which is more trusted and authentic and these respondents said that this type of content directly influences their purchasing decisions.

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Brands are increasingly leveraging TikTok UGC to create a seamless experience for their consumers, from inspiration to buying. However the challenge for brands remains around gaining usage rights from TikTok video creators to ensure the UGC is used in a compliant way.

With the extension of Knexus’ inbuilt UGC rights management feature to TikTok videos, customers will now be able to request rights to use TikTok UGC with a generated Rights Request Link, which they can send directly to the UGC owner for approval.

Vivek Sharma, CTO of Knexus said,”With UGC often being fast-moving, Knexus does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to discovering all the UGC available to our customers, ensuring they can leverage the best content. Requesting UGC usage rights is incredibly simple. Once you’ve chosen content to use, all that’s needed is a message. In just one click, a Rights Request Link is automatically generated which you can send the message and link to the UGC creator as a private message. From there, it’s all over to Knexus, with the platform keeping track of when the rights request has been approved, integrating UGC into each step of the customer journey, personalizing it to every shopper and making UGC shoppable to drive conversions.”

Graeme Foux, CEO of Knexus said, “This feature is another important addition to our offering, providing brands an efficient way to scale rights management for TikTok UGC. No matter how many TikTok videos your brand is using, Knexus’ fully automated approach makes it easy from searching, indexing and tagging content, to integrating it into buying journeys and optimizing. Our customers have doubled their add to cart rates with personalized, shoppable TikTok videos. It’s an exciting space to be leading and supporting our customers.”

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