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Why Personalized Content is Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

Sep 2, 2021 | Personalization

Customer expectations are on the rise. 84% of people now want brands to entertain them with meaningful stories and events. That means companies must find new ways to interact with consumers and meet their demands. In an ideal world, businesses would be able to maximize the number of engagements with one-to-one relationships and drive growth through personalized content in a cost-efficient way. The good news for marketers is that this is no longer an irrational thought.

A revolution has been taking place, and everybody can benefit from this new marketing era. Solutions like analytics dashboards, content distribution platforms, and geolocalization applications are bringing businesses and consumers closer together – enabling rich and contextual experiences. Let’s illustrate this point with an example.

How To Improve Customer Engagement With Personalized Content

Lukas is new in town, and he is a yoga enthusiast. He did some online browsing a couple of days ago and spotted potential studios where he could practice his hobby. He is now having a walk in the center when he receives a personalized message on his smartphone:

“Hey Lukas, we noticed that you were in the neighborhood and thought you might be interested to know more about us. We’re an award-winning yoga studio with a large variety of courses and a flexible schedule. We’re located next to the clock tower. Come visit us if you want. We can show you around and schedule a class free of charge with one of our certified instructors.”

How to Improve Customer Engagement with Personalized Content

Wouldn’t you be tempted to give it a go if you were Lukas?

This is the kind of meaningful experiences consumers are looking for, and that convince them to share more personal data. Companies can create such events – and enhance brand loyalty as a result – following a strategic approach to content personalization.

Revamping Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Delivering personalization is high on the agenda of senior-level executives. 94% of them think this is essential to reaching customers – Forbes. But despite this enthusiasm, 95% of marketers admit they struggle to anticipate consumers’ actions and respond real-time.

Two critical challenges faced by organizations are the lack of integration among data channels and the inability to send timely and targeted messages. Brands are left with interesting pieces of information, but no real actionable insights, and are thus missing out on a higher conversion rate and the full revenue potential of personalized experiences.

Revamping Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Companies can step up their game by leveraging on customer engagement solutions and implementing a data-driven strategy. Those tools are useful to integrate existing sources of information and gather feedback from the target audience. They also help to nurture one-to-one relationships for a better consumer retention – notably with personalization rules defined according to demographics and past interactions with the company.

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