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How to legally leverage user-generated content effectively to drive conversion

Apr 13, 2023 | Product Updates

It’s no secret that user-generated content (UGC) has proven to be a powerful and valuable asset for brands. UGC exudes trust and authenticity because it’s content created by real people, with real opinions and experiences. It shows the brand’s product in use, shows the happy customer, provides shoppers with inspiration and ultimately encourages them to make purchases.

However, before your brand can use UGC, you’ll have to request the rights to use it. Just because a customer tags your brand in an image, or uses your hashtag doesn’t necessarily mean you can reuse the content.

How does Knexus’ content rights management work?

Knexus provides a couple of methods that allow your brand to reach out to content creators and ask them to grant you rights to use their content.

#1 Approval Hashtag

This method enables you to post a comment to the content (eg. an Instagram post) you want to request rights for. The comment includes a customizable request message that speaks in your brand voice, a unique hashtag (eg. #yesbrandname) and a link to your brand’s T&Cs. Content creators need to only respond to the comment using the unique hashtag to approve your rights request.

The latest improvement which went live on 1st April 2023 also enables you to automate bulk rights requests for high-volume UGC & influencers Instagram content with your business mention (@mentioned). All you need to do is select the Instagram posts and reels that represent your brand, configure a request message and a unique hashtag. Knexus will use the Instagram API to post your request message as a comment to all selected content automatically, saving you tons of time and effort.

#2 Rights Request Link

This method enables you to generate a unique link and send it as a personal note to content creators via direct message. When content creators visit the link, they will see a request message, a preview of content you want to request rights for, and a link to T&Cs displayed on a branded page – from logos to messages that reflect your brand’s tone of voice. Content creators need to only click the ‘Accept’ button to approve your rights request.

From there, it’s all over to Knexus, with the platform keeping track of when the rights request has been approved, automatically integrating UGC into each step of the customer journey, personalizing it to every shopper and making it shoppable to drive conversions.

Get in touch with Knexus today to arrange a demo to see how global brands are using Knexus platform and discuss how we can help you.