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Why brands should leverage TikTok content to validate purchase decisions in ecommerce journeys

Apr 5, 2022 | Ecommerce

A human has an average attention span of about 8 seconds, one second less than a goldfish and 21 seconds less than a dog- but humans have TikTok, and with it, access to millions of viral videos averaging 10 seconds or less. Suddenly 8 seconds seems plenty.

The privately-owned, Chinese company announced last week that it had just reached 1 billion monthly users– that’s about 15% of the world’s population.

What’s more, is that these users are active:

52 minutes was the average daily spend of a TikTok user reaching as high as 105 minutes for teens and pre-teens. (Cision PR News)

Unsurprisingly, more time drives more engagement and with it, a loyal consumer base. This leaves TikTok ready to challenge the more established social media platforms of Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat both in size and scope. 

TikTok is powerful on its own but even more powerful in the eCommerce journey. 

TikTok reached 1 billion monthly users

Consumers learn through video

By nature, TikTok is a video sharing platform. Not blogs. Not images. Not articles – Videos. And it does it well. Really well. 

While consumers can digest an image in a second, videos are sticky. In fact, the nature of videos forces consumers to take that extra second to digest and understand what the content is about. This extra time is a commodity – marketers can start, albeit briefly, to explain their proposition to the customer, and consumers, well consumers, learn. They learn about an offering, a price-point, a products functionality, and this comes direct. Direct from the brand, UGC or their favourite influencer.

And so… how powerful can TikTok be?

Consumers learn through video

TikTok is more than cute dog videos, silly dances and even a #vibecheck.

TikTok is a video-based, micro-learning platform and this is exactly what consumers want. 

You see, us humans love two things- research and videos, especially before spending (ever seen a Gen Ze try plan their Netflix schedule?). But it’s not just Gen Z, it’s all consumers:

85% of us conduct online research before making a purchase.
(transaction. An eCommerce agency)

92% of us say video is our most helpful tool when shopping.

And that’s TikTok’s power for marketers- an integrated platform of ‘snackable,’ informative content delivered through eye-catching videos and popular ear-worms. This is the type of content that draws engagement and starts to give consumers that social proof necessary for a path to purchase.

This content can be missing from buying journeys

All this great content your brand produces, combined with the influencer and UGC of your advocates, gets lost in the noise. Whether it’s old content living ‘more than a month ago’ on your page or UGC mixed up with hundreds of other hashtags, content can be siloed and fails to be seen by your customers during the buying journey. What’s more, is creating quality content is resource intensive- it takes marketers up to 6 hours to plan impactful posts (MarketingProfs) . And so, all your great content lives lonely, unseen and untouched, failing to convert your customers and your marketers thinking- where has all my hard work gone?

How Knexus can unlock your content’s potential

What if you, as a brand, could bring this content from TikTok and integrate it, at scale, across owned channels. What if you could match each of your customers to personalized content and then match the subject of this content to your specific products. Your content would suddenly become ‘shoppable’, without the need to manually surface, index & tag videos, streamlining time and resources.

Integrate TikTok into ecommerce journeys
Enter Knexus…

Knexus automatically surfaces, indexes and tags TikTok videos whether they’re from your brand, customers or influencers to ensure they are relevantly categorized, and seen by the right shopper. This process is fully automated, saving the time and resources needed to manually tag and index videos.  

Knexus automatically integrates these videos into the ecommerce journey and dynamically displays the relevant video in front of the right shopper. Shoppers are served this social proof & validation content in real-time at the key moment of their buying journey, creating confident purchases. 

At the same time as a shopper is watching the personalized video, Knexus dynamically displays the product best matching the subject of the video – making this content instantly shoppable.

The results

Knexus platform unlocks the potential of your TikTok content and, in doing so, show a marked improvement in your e-commerce sales, conversion and content performance. You’ll also make smarter content investments as with our analytics you learn which of your content sells. 

Sound too good to be true? – Don’t just take our word for it.

Since integrating video and dynamic product recommendations into buying journeys, brands have seen, on average 72% uplift in eCommerce sales, 67% improvement in content CTR and 44% increase in conversions. Want to find out more? Book a demo.